One of the most elegant and exciting water displays. Virtually silent, without splash, it is a fabulous accent to any application with subtle water presence requirements. The dense arrangement of the precision nozzles make water fall seamlessly on glass, granite, mirrors or any other surface.

Special round or arc-shaped spray systems are now available for wider design flexibility. The spray system is made of stainless steel with prefixed brass, nickel plated nozzles and can be made entirely of 316L Stainless Steel on request.

Available in a variety of lengths from 74 cm to 6 meters, these waterfalls are perfectly suited to shopping malls, atrium areas, exhibitions, offices, cafes, hotels or residential applications.

  • Seamless Waterfall on any surface
  • Silent, without splash
  • Delivers ready to install
  • Stainless Steel header and brass nickel-plated nozzles
    Available entirely in 316L Stainless Steel

Ideal space divider

Surface Waterfalls, particularly the ones on glass or mirrors, serve as an ideal room divider — either indoors or outdoors. The falling water allows light to pass through but it gives a sense of privacy and separation.

waterfall on granite

Works on many surfaces

The surface waterfall can be used with a diverse range of materials and surfaces like glass, mirrors, granite or even stainless steel mesh. The water effect varies between materials, allowing creatives to design unique architectural elements.





Stainless Mesh

Stainless Steel Mesh



Technical Specifications

Surface Waterfall Drawing

SF Series Surface Waterfall Systems


Nominal Length

Actual Length

A in mm

No of Nozzles

Nozzle Orifice




Header Diameter

E in mm

Flow Smooth [L/min]

At Inlets

Flow Rough [L/min]

At Inlets

Head [m]

At Inlets

SFU 500 0.50 m 500 13 5.0 1 x 1" ø 42 13 26 2
SFU 750 0.75 m 740 19 5.0 1 x 1" ø 42 19 38 2
SFU 1000 1.00 m 980 25 5.0 1 x 1" ø 42 25 50 2
SFU 2000 2.00 m 1980 50 5.0 1 x 1" ø 42 50 100 2
SFU 3000 3.00 m 2980 75 5.0 2 x 1" ø 42 75 150 2


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