Fontana offers a complete range of Floating fountains for ponds, natural lakes, artificial lakes, pools, and sea water.

With extensive use of technology, precision engineering, and our 53-year-long experience, Fontana specializes in remarkable floating fountains of any scale. Fontana manufactures a series of standardized floating fountain kits and also designs & manufactures custom solutions. The fountain kit format of the systems simplifies the installation and makes floating fountains a feasible and viable solution.

  • Stainless Steel
    Precision Engineering
  • 1-100m / 330ft
    or more
  • Integral Lighting
    Vivid colors or White

Incredible technology with exceptional attention to detail.

  • High-density, heavy-duty floaters
  • Heavy-duty Framework
  • Stainless Steel construction
  • Solutions for 100m (300ft) spray height or more
  • Industrial-grade Grundfos pumps with International Warranty
  • For fresh, pool and sea-water applications
  • Exceptional Lighting with integrated fixtures and simple wiring
  • Easy Installation
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Tool-free cleaning
  • Complete Documentation

The cutting-edge, modular framework technology by Fontana, allows us to create floating WaterShow fountains of any scale, with multiple water effects.

Made by Fontana. Powered by Grundfos. Industrial-grade Grundfos pumps, made of Stainless Steel. Covered by International Warranty.

Premium materials, precision engineering, perfectly-matching assemblies. We keep evolving our floating fountains for more than 53 years.

Praised for the
full-stream lighting and the incredible color richness.

The floating fountains by Fontana come with integrated, full-color or elegant white lighting. The powerful light fixtures and carefully selected optics create an intense, vivid lighting result with uniform lighting across the entire fountain. Vibrant colors stand out in the dark and create this fantastic, magical effect.

Advanced electronics, smart technologies, and special optics work together to create laser-focused, high-intensity lighting in 4.1 billion colors. With simple wiring and pre-wired fixtures, installation is as easy as connect the lead cable to the control panel – which is also supplied by Fontana.

4.1billion vivid colors or pure White
Pre-wired Fixtures easy to install
led:bus Digital control which requires simple, inexpensive cables
Scientific Optics Cutting-edge optics for highly-focused beam

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