The sparkling droplets of water fall precisely on the mylar threads, creating a beautiful falling water effect. Completely silent, without splash, it is a fabulous accent to any application with subtle water presence requirements.

The lace waterfall effect is perfect for architectural elements. The speed of falling water is controllable due to the smart design of the spray system and all the components are made of premium Stainless Steel with precision engineered nozzles. This ensures the perfect flow and coverage across the waterfall and the longevity of the system.

The Mylar Waterfall system is also available in custom shapes and dimensions.

  • Sparkling Waterfall Effect
  • Premium Stainless Steel construction
  • Slim Design
  • Beautiful Finishing
  • Made for Commercial Projects
  • Easy Installation & Maintenance
Photo of Mylar Lace Water Curtain by Fontana

Technical Specifications

Fontana Mylar Lace Waterfall Drawing

Nominal Length

Mylar Nozzles




Flow [L/min]

At Inlets

Head [m]

At Inlets

MLC 500 0.50 m 10 10 1 x 1" 5 1
MLC 1000 1.00 m 20 20 1 x 1" 10 1
MLC 2000 2.00 m 40 40 1 x 1" 20 1
MLC 3000 3.00 m 60 60 1 x 1" 30 1
Drawing of Component


Mylar Lace Roll for Mylar Waterfalls
A23 / 23μm
Width (150m roll)


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