The VSP-Series submersible pumps are suitable for any water feature application, particularly show-oriented fountains. They offer precise, individual control of each pump through the embedded controller. The DMX/RDM universal control makes them easy to use with a wide range of control systems.

The VSP-Series pumps are low-voltage, 24V DC, making them exceptionally safe and compliant with regulations and electrical codes in almost every country and state.

The housing is fiberglass reinforced polyester and has a removable basket with a sponge-type internal filter to protect the pump from debris and floating particles.

  • Individual control of each pump
  • Each pump can be addressed individually
  • Low-voltage, safety series
  • Pump control via DMX512/RDM (DIN56930)
  • German technology

Technical Specifications

VSP Programmable Fountain Pump with DMX
VSP pumps flow chart
Model Power Voltage


max. height


max. height


max. height

VSP 1 80W 24V DC 2.6 m 2.4 m 1.9 m
VSP 2 120W 24V DC 3.2 m 2.7 m 2.0 m
VSP 3 200W 24V DC 4.3 m 4.0 m 3.3 m

10% tolerance should be included in calculations.


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