Fontana POP Jet Fountain Kit


A remarkable device, a magical water effect. The Fontana POP jet is an exciting water effect available for regular pools and dry/play deck applications. A perfectly shaped ball of water rises out of nowhere and grabs everyone’s attention.

  • Water-Ball Shape
  • Magical Effect
  • In-pool/Dry-Deck

Precision. Precision. Precision.

POP jets are all about precision. It is essential to create the stunning water effect. The high-speed solenoid’s response time of just 20ms ensures that the water balls are formed at lighting speeds. At the same time, the precise timing of the control system takes advantage of all possible effects, as even just 1/10th of a second makes a difference in the water effect.

Certificied Excellence

Fontana lights certificates

Available Configurations

Standard model

Niched version
for embedded installations.

Niched version with Lighting

Technical Specifications


POP Type, Adjustable 10°

Recommended to be installed 4mm below water surface.
Spray height up to 0.9m / 3ft

Water Effect

Clear Water Ball, Continuous, Sequencing


¼” BSP


Stainless Steel AISI 316L


3/2 Way

Produces no water hammer




24V DC

12V DC on request



Standard Control


Advanced Digital Control with RDM

The POP jet is controlled via DMX/RDM with one cable for power and data. In this version, the panel equipment is embedded in the device, including additional protections. It also includes a led:bus output for up to 4 LED fixtures, maintaining the only one cable requirement. It can be wirelessly configured via NFC even when not powered on. RDM provides useful diagnostics like operating hours etc.

add suffix [.DMX]

Duty Cycle

rated 100%

Protection Degree


Flow Valve

Required, remotely

by others

Hydraulic Req.

7 lpm / 8.5 m head


3.0 meters waterproof cable included


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