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The Sleek jet — aptly named by the graceful, silky smooth water effect it creates which remains narrow, regardless of how high it shoots.

It is ideal for indoor areas like Shopping Malls and Atriums, where the tall and slender stream creates a very minimal and confined splash compared to other nozzles. The translucent water effect is maintained across the entire stream, creating a very visible and interesting visual result.

The Sleek jet is made entirely of premium Stainless Steel and it has an integrated swivel for easy angle adjustment. You can also fine-tune the water effect through the internal regulator.

  • Tall & Slender Water Stream
  • Very Minimal Splash
  • Customizable Water Effect
  • Made of Stainless Steel
  • Integrated Swivel Ball Joint
  • Water Level Independent Nozzle
  • Water supply to the jet must be linear, non-turbulent
  • Highly efficient nozzle due to the Stainless Steel friction-less internal surface

Take a moment to notice the buttery-smooth water effect of the Sleek Jet. It is tall & gracefully thin, very visible and it creates virtually zero splash. The hypnotizing pattern is an excellent choice for a multitude of applications where a tall water shape is needed but noise and splash must be eliminated.

Technical Specifications

Sleek Jet Drawing
  MSJ 200
Material Stainless Steel AISI 316L
Inlet 2″ BSP Female
Nozzle Orifice 45 mm
A x B x C in mm
70 x 262 x ∅98
Integrated Swivel Male ±5°
Spray Height ▼ Flow | Head
[Lpm] | [m]
6.0 m 222 | 8.4
8.0 m 247 | 10.4
10.0 m 278 | 12.8
12.0 m 305 | 15.8
15.0 m 348 | 20.8
20.0 m 409 | 28.5
25.0 m 446 | 34.0
30.0 m 572 | 45.2


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