Famous as the most massive, frothy and utterly visible water effect — the Fontana Foamy Column. A very dense array of smaller jets shoots water straight up with enormous pressure, producing an opaque, frothy column of white water.

The incredibly dense nozzle arrangement is laser guided and cut to be completely vertical and uniform. This distinctive water shape is highly visible both in sunlight and at night when illuminated by vivid LED luminaires. The way that this fountain head operates also offers the highest possible wind stability. Made entirely of premium stainless steel, it is made to last even in the harshest environments.

The Foamy Column can be customized to suit specific project requirements. It is also available in “ring” format.

  • Massive, Frothy, Utterly Visible
  • Laser-Precision of Nozzles
  • Highest Wind Resistance
  • Removable cap for easy cleaning
  • Made of Stainless Steel
  • Not Water Level Dependent
  • Typically customized to match project requirements.

Application Inspiration:

Al Shaheed Park, Kuwait

Project Spotlight

Al Shaheed Park, Kuwait

The Fontana Foamy Column really shines at the Al Shaheed Park in Kuwait. Using a custom, ring arrangement, we were able to recreate a mind-boggling water effect. The streams look so full and and powerful that create the illusion of lifting the architectural rocks up in the air. The precise arrangement of the nozzles leaves no gaps, effectively concealing the internal structure and creating a raw, yet well-defined formation.

Technical Specifications

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