The Cluster creates a clear-water vertical stream through an array of smaller nozzles pointing straight up. This ingenious design makes the stream look thicker, fuller and slightly frothier.

Made entirely of pure Stainless Steel, the Cluster jets offer enhanced durability, extended lifecycle and this beautiful look that blends into the basin. These premium jets are made to last and come in two variations. With precision engineered embedded nozzles — ideal for dry deck applications or alternatively with prefixed nozzles, commonly used in taller water shapes.

The Cluster fountain heads are water level independent and the use of swivel ball joints is recommended to achieve perfect verticality.

  • Clear-water Solid Stream
  • Lively & Impressive Effect
  • Versions with Flush or Prefixed nozzles
  • Highly Wind Resistant
  • Very Steady Water Pattern
  • Made of Stainless Steel
  • Not Water Level Dependent

Application Inspiration:

Photo of Summer Gardens project by Fontana

Project Spotlight

Summer Gardens, St. Petersburg, Russia

Described as “The most romantic and evocative place in Russia”, the Summer Gardens in Saint Petersburg were created in 1704 by order of Peter the Great, who was personally involved in planning it.

The park is laid out according to strict geometrical principles and it is adjacent to the Summer Palace, built by the great Italian architect Domenico Trezzini.

During the recent renovation and restoration of the fountains, Fontana Cluster jets have been extensively used across the many smaller fountains of the park.

Technical Specifications


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