Fontana FPK 9000 Switch Splashpad kit Closeup Photo

With roots in entertainment, enhanced for commercial interactive fountains.

The FPK 9000 comes straight from the entertainment industry, optimized for commercial-grade interactive water features. A programmable, YSwitch-enabled fountain kit for splash pads and dry fountains, with powerful lighting and heavy-duty components. By using Fontana’s most advanced technologies, the FPK 9000 adds a touch of magic and playfulness to transform water features into memorable experiences.

  • Highly Programmable
  • Powerful LED Lighting
  • Premium Materials
  • Beautiful Finishing
  • Heavy-Duty Rated
Photo of high resolution detail of Fontana FPK 9000 for splash pad fountains.

The FPK9000 has a unique mix of entertainment and commercial-grade qualities. It’s equally perfect for show fountains, architectural water features, and interactive play fountains.


Water Effects


Lightning-fast Shoots

12-24V DC

Safety Voltage

Project Spotlight

Ocean Park, Hong Kong

Soul of the Ocean – a permanent multimedia show for Ocean Park, a premier international theme park and resort destination. A combination of music, dancing fountains, special effects, and an international cast of 20 artists create a spectacular experience.

The show extensively uses Fontana FPK series and Robotic Systems for its dancing fountains. The YSwitch-enabled kits create stunning water effects – highlighting the phenomenal show-focused capabilities. Despite the vibrant ambient lighting, the powerful LEDs and special optics make the jets stand out with myriads of colors.

This show fountain also uses Fontana’s latest Robotic Systems.

fontana fountains dry deck fountain kit FPK 9000 high resolution photo

Stainless Steel 316L

The FPK 9000 is made of pure, heavy-duty Stainless Steel. The housing is made of a solid piece of Stainless Steel. The strong faceplate is specially treated to withstand impacts and loads, while the premium finishing provides a long-lasting sheen, exceptionally resistant to corrosion and deterioration.

Precision Engineering

The “Precision Engineering” philosophy of Fontana is evident in every element. Intelligent and exceptionally precise CNCs process all parts of the FPK 9000. Every bit is carefully designed for a specific purpose, and all parts fit with each other perfectly, in a factory-assembled system.

Safety First

The top surface of the FPK 9000 is specially treated and designed for increased slip resistance – shoes on or not. And being entirely flush into the ground, the FPK 9000 cover helps keeping toes and heels safe. All electrical parts run on low voltage.

Commercial Grade

All parts of the FPK 9000 are made for use in commercial water features. Demanding projects, challenging environmental conditions, unattended access to the public, strict regulations, and erratic maintenance are precisely what the FPK 9000 is made for.

Show-grade Lighting

Using Fontana’s latest and most advanced technologies, the FPK 9000 offers incredibly poweful and vibrant colors, making it ideal for show-oriented and interactive fountains.

Vivid Lighting

The light source of the FPK 9000 comes from our show-oriented technologies. It offers exceptional vibrancy and color fidelity – on the entire color spectrum. This translates to magical lighting shows and unforgettable experiences.

Smart Technologies

A genius LED module. With comprehensive self-protections, advanced color processing capabilities and universal control, the FPK 9000 is the smartest of its kind. It’s also the most reliable and heavy-duty to use in interactive water features.

Application-specific Optics that concentrate light on the jet.

Embedded Microprocessor constantly monitors the fixture.

Active Thermal Protection for enhanced operation & lifespan.

Works with long cables without being affected by voltage drop.

Learn more about Technologies

Photo of Fontana G3 led:bus processor

The embedded microprocessor. It’s a masterpiece of lighting electronics control and the heart of our technology. A technology we constantly refine and improve for longer than 17 years.

The brain of the system constantly monitors the fixture status & temperature, optimizing performance on the fly. It communicates with the controller receiving and interpreting data about ID, color and intensity.

At the same time, the system ensures that data get delivered consistently and intelligent sub-systems keep an eye for possibly improper electrical conditions, blocking off noise and interference.

Advanced Electronics — our best technologies yet. Each Fontana LED module looks like a small computer. The profound attention to detail you would expect of Fontana is evident in every sub-system.

Unparalleled Color Fidelity. The color engine uses high-definition drivers, embedded on the PCB. This method allows for accurate, high-precision and high-fidelity control of each LED.

Famous Reliability. The discrete components of the PCB are carefully selected to meet the strictest quality, reliability and performance standards. The smart self-protections further improve the resilience of the fixture.


led:bus is a language. It’s the language that all Fontana lights speak – a technology that we designed from scratch for underwater devices. It’s fully compatible with other languages like DMX, DMX/RDM and Dali. But with led:bus you don’t need to learn anything new, because led:bus is made to work behind the scenes – autonomously and reliably. Led:bus also allows the use of fewer and smaller cables to power and control multiple light fixtures leading to significant cost and resources savings.

With led:bus, all you have to do is connect the cables — and the whole system works by itself. The simplicity of led:bus leads to neater, more organized and manageable installations of complicated systems.

86% Lower Cable Costs
40% Faster Installation
Resources Savings
3-core cables

Simple 3-core Cables

You can use simple, non-shielded 3-core cables to power & control multiple fixtures.

led:bus ID

Addressable Fixtures

Each light has a unique ID and can be configured to listen to a specific address for multi-color light shows.

led:bus ID

Integrated Drivers

The LED drivers are integrated to the module simplifying everything and significantly reducing costs.

led:bus ID


led:bus is a heavy-duty, extremely reliable communication protocol. It is encrypted too.

led:bus is compatible with DMX, DMX/RDM & DALI
Direct DMX/RDM

The FPK 9000 is also available with Direct DMX/RDM control.

Fontana is a formally registered DMX/RDM manufacturer listed with the ID 0965h.

Voltage Drop: Irrelevant. Traditional LED technologies are severely affected by voltage drop. When longer cables are used, the lights further away from the power supply have lower intensity. In some occasions, they might not even work at all.

The Fontana technology is unaffected by voltage drop. Fixtures work at their full potential on any voltage between 12-24V DC (true margins: 10V to 36V DC). Every fixture outputs 100% of its intensity regardless of how far it is from the power supply.

Reverse Polarity

Active Thermal Control

Constant, real-time balancing of Temperature and Performance.

Reverse Polarity

Reverse Polarity

Protected from accidentally incorrect connections.

Reverse Polarity

Voltage Surge

Protected from sudden surges in the circuit voltage.

Reverse Polarity


Industry-leading Technology that eliminates flicker at 4.6KHz.

Direct DMX Control with complete RDM functionality for seamless integration.

NFC Wireless Configuration1 and troubleshooting even when the device is not powered on.

One cable for power and control, eliminating the requirements for complex wiring.

All panel electronics are embedded into the device, including SSR, Lighting Control & self-protections.

1The Tapp app is available only for Android due to current technical limitations of Apple iOS.
The NFC DMX/RDM Controller is an optional accessory – use suffix [.DMX] when ordering.

A variety of precision nozzles can be connected on the jet.

The FPK 9000 is available with a range of nozzles as a standard configuration and can be ordered with custom nozzles like Foam, Lily, and Rotating jets.

Integrated Flow Straightener

The Fontana-designed internal flow straightener reduces turbulence from the pump supply and optimizes the flow performance of the nozzle.

Integrated Swivel

The integrated swivel design allows you to easily adjust the stream angle with the kit installed, without having to remove or dismantle it.

Certificied Excellence

Fontana lights certificates

Technical Specifications


285mm 11.2 inches

425mm 16.7 inches

Slab-hanger clamps included


Flow Valve:


Stainless Steel AISI 316L 1.4404

Also available in Stainless Steel AISI 316Ti [1.4571]

Made of heavy duty Stainless Steel parts, CNC finished with bead-blasted, shiny and brushed details. Electrical, fixture, manufacturer and certifications details are permanently laser marked on the fixture. YSwitch contains UV and impact resistant plastic parts.


Fresh, Pool and Sea water


Smooth Bore ⌀12mm

Available with 14mm Smooth Bore or Cluster Jet on request.

Refer to the Hydraulic Performance Table to review the flow requirements of available nozzles.


1½” Female BSP

Available with NPT thread.


Programmable Fast-Acting Water Switching System

Power: 8W

Voltage: 24V DC 12V on request

Ingress Protection: IP68

Control: Electrical Direct DMX/RDM on request




Color: RGBW – 4.1 billion colors
Lumens: 1920
LEDs: 12 High Power LEDs
Control: led:bus

Neutral White


Color: White 4000K
Lumens: 2500
LEDs: 12 High Power LEDs
Control: Electrical

Warm White


Color: White 3000K
Lumens: 2200
LEDs: 12 High Power LEDs
Control: Electrical

All white models are also available in dimmable versions, compatible with DALI.
Color versions are using led:bus, compatible with DMX/RDM. Direct DMX/RDM option also available.

Custom colors and color temperatures are available on request.


12-24V DC

10-30V DC Operating Range. Voltage drop does not affect light intensity.


High Clarity, Impact-Resistant Safety Glass


24° Advanced Optically-clear Lenses

Also available: 14°, 50°, 80°

Self Protection


The embedded processors on the fixtures constantly monitor the operation of the fixtures to ensure optimal operation.

The Active Thermal Protection system uses a smart algorithm to gradually reduce the brightness in case of overheating, ensuring the max. possible light output.

Additional hardware systems provide overvoltage, voltage surge and reverse polarity protection.


Yes – 4.6kHz

Flicker can lead to unpleasant or even life-threatening conditions. Fontana fixtures utilize industry-leading anti-flicker technologies.


Estimated 120.000 hours

Compliant to the L80 Lumens Maintenance Spec – In 80.000 hours of operation the initial lumens output will not have degraded by more than 20%.

Protection Grade


Impact Rating


Safety Class



3.0 meters Chlorine-Resistant Waterproof Cable
12ft type SOOW for North America, UL Listed version

5m, 10m, 15m or custom lengths available on request

Hydraulic Performance & Data

      Smooth Bore
  Smooth Bore
10 x Ø8.0mm
Height   Flow Head   Flow Head   Flow Head
m ft   lpm gpm m ft   lpm gpm m ft   lpm gpm m ft
1.0 3.3   45 11.9 2.3 7.4   49 12.9 2.7 8.9   51 13.5 2.9 9.5
1.5 5   53 14.0 3.1 10.2   58 15.3 3.7 12.2   60 15.9 4.0 13.0
2.0 6.6   61 16.1 4.0 13.1   67 17.7 4.8 15.6   69 18.2 5.0 16.5
2.5 8   67 17.7 4.8 15.8   74 19.6 5.8 18.9   78 20.6 6.2 20.3
3.0 10   73 19.3 5.6 18.2   81 21.4 6.9 22.5   85 22.5 7.3 24.0
4.0 13   85 22.5 7.5 24.4   93 24.6 9.0 29.6   97 25.6 9.4 30.8
5.0 16   94 24.8 9.3 30.4   107 28.3 11.6 38.1   108 28.5 11.8 38.6

      Smooth Bore
  Smooth Bore
10 x Ø8.0mm
Height   Flow Head   Flow Head   Flow Head
m ft   lpm gpm m ft   lpm gpm m ft   lpm gpm m ft
1.0 3.3   39 10.3 2.6 8.5   44 11.6 3.3 10.8   51 13.5 2.9 9.5
1.5 5   46 12.2 3.6 11.8   53 14.0 4.7 15.4   60 15.9 4.0 13.0
2.0 6.6   52 13.7 4.5 14.8   61 16.1 6.1 20.0   69 18.2 5.0 16.5
2.5 8   58 15.3 5.5 18.0   68 18.0 7.6 24.9   78 20.6 6.2 20.3
3.0 10   63 16.6 6.4 21.0   74 19.6 9 29.5   85 22.5 7.3 24.0
4.0 13   72 19.0 8.5 27.9   87 23.0 12.2 40.0   97 25.6 9.4 30.8
5.0 16   84 22.2 11.3 37.1   99 26.2 15.7 51.5   108 28.5 11.8 38.6



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