A popular and elegant fountain design that is created from an inside-falling Spray Ring, a central Foam Jet and 4 peripheral Cascade Jets.

This dynamic water shape fills effectively all kinds of pools, of any scale, making it ideal for residential or commercial applications such as hotels, shopping malls, parks, squares, etc.

An amazing look is achieved when vividly illuminated by the colorful RGB TheSmartLEDTM underwater luminaires.

Features & Technologies


Pre-assembled, pre-wired, ready to work.

The fountain is completely pre-fabricated in our factory, carefully fine-tuned and thoroughly tested under the strictest quality standards. The equipment arrives ready for installation and every component is designed for easy maintenance and (dis)assembly.

Telescopic feet are included for precise installation and leveling.

Premium Fontana Quality

Every part of the fountain is made of the finest raw materials — only of EU and US origin, in our own factory. Each component is primarily made of premium Stainless Steel and it is carefully designed and manufactured to withstand extreme environmental conditions, yet be aesthetically beautiful and efficient.

Our manufacturing process ensures the durability and reliability of your fountain for decades. This is our way of making fountains.

Spectacular Lighting

Bright, vivid colors - ultra efficient operation.

Your fountain comes equipped with powerful, yet highly efficient Fontana LED lights. Made of Stainless Steel, they are precisely engineered to beautifully illuminate the water pattern in vivid million-color effects or elegant white lighting.

The lights come pre-wired and mount on special placeholders right on the spray rings to save space, look nicer and illuminate better. This also allows for no drilling on the pool’s floor, making the installation process faster and damage-proof.

Stainless Steel Pumps

Made by Grundfos. Protected by Fontana.

The pumps that give life to your fountain are made of stainless steel by Grundfos — the world’s most reliable pumps. They are housed in Fontana stainless steel filters for efficient, reliable and safer operation and can be ordered with specialty, anti-vandal reinforcements.

Standard models are equipped with submersible pumps, but you can order your fountain with dry pumps instead.

Advanced Controls

Safe, reliable and full of tech.

Every fountain comes with its own, custom electrical panel, made specifically for it. The panel meets all the safety standards (VDE & NEC) and is made using the highest quality and highest-tech components. Interconnection with BMS or Smart Building solutions — or even smartphones is also possible. Water Level and Wind Control automations can be integrated too.

We have 4 types of control panel functions that you can choose for your fountain:

  • Stable
    This is the standard option. In this function, the fountain is either on or off.
  • Sequencing
    The Sequencing function adds more energy to your fountain by implementing sequenced effects in all logical combinations.
  • Musical
    Make your fountain dance to music. The smart mFCU controller takes any audio input, analyzes 5 different frequencies and generates choreographies in real time. The perfect party mode.
  • Hydrostar
    Add grace and class with the Hydrostar function. Similar to the Sequencing mode in terms of logical combinations but in this function each water pattern increases and decreases in height in a smooth, elegant manner.

Technical Specifications

Type Max. Spray Height Max. Ring Diameter Pool’s Water Depth Central Nozzle

Foam Jet

Peripheral Nozzles

Cascade Jet


TheSmartLED Technology

Pumps Stable Sequenc. Musical Hydrostar
D304-30 2.75 m 1.20 m 45-55cm 1½"

4 x 1½"


10 x 20W 12-24V DC

1 x 1.30kW 230V AC

1 x 1.70kW 230V AC

1 x 0.70kW 230V AC

D304-31 3.75 m 1.50 m 45-55cm 1½"

4 x 1½"


14 x 20W 12-24V DC

1 x 1.70kW 230V AC

3 x 1.30kW 230V AC

D304-32 4.50 m 1.80 m 50-60cm 1½"

4 x 1½"

16 x 20W 12-24V DC

1 x 1.10kW 230V AC

3 x 1.70kW 230V AC

D304-33 6.00 m 2.15 m 50-60cm 2"

4 x 1½"

16 x 40W 12-24V DC

1 x 2.20kW 3x400V AC

1 x 3.00kW 3x400V AC

2 x 1.70kW 230V AC

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