The ULR900 is an architecturally and show-oriented underwater ring light that offers exceptionally rich colors and very powerful light output. The heavy-duty housing is made entirely of pure 316L Stainless Steel, with premium finishing, following our precision engineering principles.

It is available in stunning color (RGBW) or elegant White, and it is full of advanced technologies, intelligent electronics, sophisticated color-mixing optics, microprocessors, internal drivers, and impressively powerful LEDs.

The ⌀64mm (2.5 inches) internal hole of the ring light is sufficient for most fountain nozzles, while the optional threaded accessory [.T] provides a convenient mounting method with 1½” Female threads on either side.

product details

  • Industry-leading Lighting Technology
  • Stainless Steel AISI 316L 1.4404
  • Fontana Precision Engineering
  • High-Performance, ultra-reliable Electronics
  • Up to 73W/4580 Lumens
  • 12-24V DC 10-30V DC Operating Range
  • Active Thermal Protection 256 levels
  • Active & Passive Self-Protections
  • IP68, CE Certified, UL-Listed
  • On-board Microprocessor
  • Embedded Drivers
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Premium finishing
Technical Specifications list

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Fontana Lighting Technology

Precision Engineered Stainless Steel.
Heavy Duty Housing.

We are proud to be the first water feature manufacturer to use stainless steel. An innovative decision that we took 4 decades ago has shaped the future of water features for generations of products. Fontana uses only pure raw materials and cutting-edge manufacturing methods: CNCs and Lasers, combined with experienced craftsmanship and thorough testing procedures, following our precision engineering philosophy. These lead to the exemplary product quality, reliability, and performance Fontana lights are famous for.


Stainless Steel



Solid Metal

Fontana lighting module

Super-Smart Technologies

Since the beginning of LED lighting, Fontana has been developing its own LED modules and proprietary technologies. A Fontana luminaire PCB looks like a small computer, because it is a small computer. Taking high-power LEDs to their maximum optimized operating point, Fontana lights offer the highest light output and the most advanced control protocols. Special firmware and hardware protections ensure the longevity of the fixtures, even in the harshest conditions.

Generation 3

Embedded Processor

High Performance

Light Output

Color Engine

Photo of Fontana G3 led:bus processor

The embedded microprocessor. It’s a masterpiece of lighting electronics control and the heart of our technology. A technology we constantly refine and improve for longer than 15 years.

The brain of the system constantly monitors the fixture status & temperature, optimizing performance on the fly. It communicates with the controller receiving and interpreting data about ID, color and intensity.

At the same time, the system ensures that data get delivered consistently and intelligent sub-systems keep an eye for possibly improper electrical conditions, blocking off noise and interference.

Advanced Electronics — our best technologies yet. Each Fontana LED module looks like a small computer. The profound attention to detail you would expect of Fontana is evident in every sub-system.

Unparalleled Color Fidelity. The color engine uses high-definition drivers, embedded on the PCB. This method allows for accurate, high-precision and high-fidelity control of each LED.

Famous Reliability. The discrete components of the PCB are carefully selected to meet the strictest quality, reliability and performance standards. The smart self-protections further improve the resilience of the fixture.


led:bus is a language. It’s the language that all Fontana lights speak – a technology that we designed from scratch for underwater devices. It’s fully compatible with other languages like DMX, DMX/RDM and Dali. But with led:bus you don’t need to learn anything new, because led:bus is made to work behind the scenes – autonomously and reliably. Led:bus also allows the use of fewer and smaller cables to power and control multiple light fixtures leading to significant cost and resources savings.

With led:bus, all you have to do is connect the cables — and the whole system works by itself. The simplicity of led:bus leads to neater, more organized and manageable installations of complicated systems.

86% Lower Cable Costs
40% Faster Installation
Resources Savings
3-core cables

Simple 3-core Cables

You can use simple, non-shielded 3-core cables to power & control multiple fixtures.

led:bus ID

Addressable Fixtures

Each light has a unique ID and can be configured to listen to a specific address for multi-color light shows.

led:bus ID

Integrated Drivers

The LED drivers are integrated to the module simplifying everything and significantly reducing costs.

led:bus ID


led:bus is a heavy-duty, extremely reliable communication protocol. It is encrypted too.

led:bus is compatible with DMX, DMX/RDM & DALI
Direct DMX/RDM

Special versions are also available with Direct DMX/RDM control for universal integration in Show fountains.

Fontana is a formally registered DMX/RDM manufacturer listed with the ID 0965h.

Voltage Drop: Irrelevant. Traditional LED technologies are severely affected by voltage drop. When longer cables are used, the lights further away from the power supply have lower intensity. In some occasions, they might not even work at all.

The Fontana technology is unaffected by voltage drop. Fixtures work at their full potential on any voltage between 12-24V DC (true margins: 10V to 36V DC). Every fixture outputs 100% of its intensity regardless of how far it is from the power supply.

Reverse Polarity

Active Thermal Control

Constant, real-time balancing of Temperature and Performance.

Reverse Polarity

Reverse Polarity

Protected from accidentally incorrect connections.

Reverse Polarity

Voltage Surge

Protected from sudden surges in the circuit voltage.

Reverse Polarity


Industry-leading Technology that eliminates flicker at 4.6KHz.

application inspiration

certified excellence

Fontana lights certificates

The pioneering Fontana lighting technology is tested and certified by independent organizations & laboratories to comply with the world’s strictest regulations & standards.

Technical Specifications


Outside Diameter:
195mm   7.7 inches

Inside Diameter:
64mm   2.5 inches

40mm   1.6 inch


Outside Diameter:
285mm   11.2 inches

Inside Diameter:
64mm   2.5 inches

40mm   1.6 inch

Slab-hanger with clamps (included)


Stainless Steel AISI 316L 1.4404

Also available in Stainless Steel AISI 316Ti 1.4571 – titanium stabilised version of 316

Made entirely of pure Stainless Steel, with shiny, brushed, and bead-blasted finishing details. Forming process for heavy-duty use. Ideal for fresh, swimming pool and sea-water applications. Electrical, fixture, manufacturer, and certification details are permanently laser marked on the fixture.


24 High Power LEDs made by Cree, Inc. (USA)
27 in RGBAW version

Light Source


4000 Lumens
24V DC


4580 Lumens
12-24V DC

High-performance and high-reliability electronics work together with high-efficiency and high-power LEDs to create a stunning light output — in white or multi-color. Tight binning and high CRI ensure consistent light output across all fixtures. Color versions offer exceptional color mixing and coverage.

Custom colors and color temperatures (e.g. 4000K, Amber, RGBAW) are available on request. Power & lumens can be modified via firmware to meet project requirements.


24° advanced, optically-clear Lenses

Also available: 11°, 40°, 70° and elliptical lenses.

LED Module

Fontana Lighting Module Gen.3

Application-specific Fontana LED module, designed for the intended use of the fixture. With embedded microprocessor, embedded drivers, advanced electronics, software and hardware protections. Each module is addressable and can be used with led:bus, DMX/RDM or Dali. Single-color versions require only power supply.



The embedded processor on the fixture constantly monitors the operation of the fixture to ensure optimal operation.

The Active Thermal Protection system uses a smart algorithm to gradually reduce the brightness in case of overheating, ensuring the max. possible light output.

Additional hardware systems provide overvoltage, voltage surge and reverse polarity protection.


Tempered, Heat-Resistant Safety Glass


3.0 meters Chlorine-Resistant Waterproof Cable
12ft SOOW for North America, UL Listed version

5m, 10m, 15m or custom lengths available on request

Protection Grade


Safety Class


> 80.000 hours estimated

Compliant to the LM80 Lumens Maintenance Spec — in 80000 hours of operation, the initial lumens output is expected to degrade less than 20%. Due to the technology of LEDs, these values are estimates.


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