The high-performance fountain light.

Meet the all-new, upgraded UL800. One of the most capable fountain lights is now even better. More light, tons of tech, special color-mixing optics, and incredible control versatility in a rock-solid, heavy-duty housing made of pure Stainless Steel. Made with our famous precision engineering and technology.

  • 316L
    All Stainless Steel
  • RGBW/White
    Powerful Lighting
  • New
    Module Design

Project Spotlight

Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Cultural Centre, Kuwait

A multidisciplinary public space owned by the Amiri Diwan striving to entertain, educate and inspire the people of Kuwait. Also, home to one of the most impressive show fountains in the Middle East.

The project involves thousands of Fontana lighting fixtures. The UL800 was extensively used for the main water effects that reach 70m. A Starlight system of XL300s is surrounding the main fountain, further enhancing the magical and festive atmosphere.

The perfect fountain light for Show lighting
and high-end architectural lighting.

The UL800 is the gold standard for the majority of WaterShow fountains due to its high performance, stunning color output, and advanced technologies. But the UL800 is unique in being equally great for large-scale architectural water features too. The high-quality and high-clarity light output, combined with the scientific-grade optics and the heavy-duty housing, make it a great solution for nearly all kinds of water features.

  • High
  • Stunning
    Color Richness
  • Advanced
  • Special
    Optical Lenses
  • Heavy-duty

to last.

  • Precision
  • 316L
    All Stainless Steel
  • IP68
  • Solid metal

Super-Smart Technologies

The UL800 is packed with tech. The PCB looks like a small computer, because it is a small computer: an intelligent network of heavy-duty electronics, the microprocessor, embedded drivers, firmware and hardware self-protections, and Fontana’s most recent technologies. All work together to deliver the highest light output, stunning colors, and fast communication with the control system — led:bus or Direct DMX/RDM.

Generation 3

Embedded Processor

High Performance

Light Output

Color Engine


Learn more about the
Fontana Lighting Technology

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certified excellence

Fontana lights certificates

The pioneering Fontana lighting technology is tested and certified by independent organizations & laboratories to comply with the world’s strictest regulations & standards.

Technical Specifications

UL800 Drawing


190mm   7.5 inches

60mm   2.4 inches

Height incl. bracket:
195mm   7.7 inches

Heavy-futy bracket for floor mounting.


Stainless Steel AISI 316L 1.4404

Also available in Stainless Steel AISI 316Ti 1.4571 – titanium stabilised version of 316

Made entirely of pure Stainless Steel, with shiny, brushed, and bead-blasted finishing details. Forming process for heavy-duty use. Ideal for fresh, swimming pool and sea-water applications. Electrical, fixture, manufacturer, and certification details are permanently laser marked on the fixture.


18 High Power LEDs made by Cree, Inc. (USA)
24 in RGBW version

Light Source


4000 Lumens


2225 Lumens

White 6000K

11225 Lumens

White 3000K

10180 Lumens

High-performance and high-reliability electronics work together with high-efficiency and high-power LEDs to create a stunning light output — in white or multi-color. Tight binning and high CRI ensure consistent light output across all fixtures. Color versions offer exceptional color mixing and coverage.

Custom colors and color temperatures (e.g. 4000K, Amber, RGBAW) are available on request. Power & lumens can be modified via firmware to meet project requirements.


12-24V DC

10-30V DC Operating Range. Voltage drop does not affect light intensity.


26° advanced, optically-clear Lenses

Also available: 15°, 40°, 55°, 86° and elliptical lenses.

LED Module

Fontana Lighting Module Gen.3

Application-specific Fontana LED module, designed for the intended use of the fixture. With embedded microprocessor, embedded drivers, advanced electronics, software and hardware protections. Each module is addressable and can be used with led:bus, DMX/RDM or Dali. Single-color versions require only power supply.



The embedded processor on the fixture constantly monitors the operation of the fixture to ensure optimal operation.

The Active Thermal Protection system uses a smart algorithm to gradually reduce the brightness in case of overheating, ensuring the max. possible light output.

Additional hardware systems provide overvoltage, voltage surge and reverse polarity protection.


Extra Clear, Tempered, Heat-Resistant Safety Glass


3.0 meters Chlorine-Resistant Waterproof Cable
12ft SOOW for North America, UL Listed version

5m, 10m, 15m or custom lengths available on request

Protection Grade


Safety Class


> 80.000 hours estimated

Compliant to the LM80 Lumens Maintenance Spec — in 80000 hours of operation, the initial lumens output is expected to degrade less than 20%. Due to the technology of LEDs, these values are estimates.


TheSmartLED Module Gen.3, Addressable led:bus equipped

Fully featured led:bus Gen. 3 module with RDM, self protection, Automatic Discovery and a fantastic setup systemFully featured led:bus Gen. 3 module with RDM, self protection, Automatic Discovery and a fantastic setup system.


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