The Large Area Floor drains – or dual floor drains are offering significant water flow while having a very slim design. With double the flow rate of FD series, DFD series drains are used to empty the basin quickly and efficiently.

The DFD Series is designed to fit in all kinds of pools and splash pads. The carefully designed grill offers fast drainage while preventing debris from entering and clogging the drain lines. It also prevents toe entrapment. The armature is entirely made of AISI 316L stainless steel to offer superior quality, impact & corrosion resistance and a premium look in the basin.

An internal sand and debris trap provides additional protection and prevents smaller particles from entering the pipes. The protection grill can be easily removed for cleaning and maintenance.

  • Slim design
  • Quick and efficient draining of basins
  • Professional solution for pools and splash pads
  • Completely flat and recessed
  • Has integrated sand/debris trap
  • Made of Stainless Steel 316L
  • Easy installation & maintenance
  • High corrosion & impact resistance
  • Removable cover

Technical Specifications

Large area floor drain for fountains drawing

in mm


in mm


in mm


in mm

Open Area

in cm2

DFD 200 2 x 2" 370 185 65 185 179
DFD 300 2 x 3" 440 220 72 220 295
DFD 400 2 x 4" 570 285 79 285 557
DFD 600 2 x DIN 150 PN10 Type Flange 730 365 110 365 992



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